Kuyenda Ndi means ‘walking with’

We are walking with the people of

Malawi and together we can turn homeless orphaned children

into empowered sons and daughters



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Kuyenda Ndi Malawi is a UK charity which exists in both the UK and Malawi. Malawi is in East Africa, next to Mozambique, just across the sea from the island of Madagascar.

Malawi was formerly a British Commonwealth country called Nyasaland. It became a republic in 1966 and since has suffered from the ravages of HIV/AIDs and misadministration. It is now listed as the fourth poorest country in the world. Around fifty percent of the population is under 15 years of age and that there are estimated 1.2 million homeless orphans.

Our management team is small and directly connected to the work in the field. One reason for this is to minimize overheads and to ensure that 100% of all sponsorship is used for the purpose it was given and not to disappear in admin or ancillary costs.

Kuyenda Ndi Malawi and its Malawian sister company Kuyenda Ndi Dziko is the result of a group of friends coming together with the intention of making a difference. The problems in Malawi are Malawian problems, but at this time it is overwhelming in size. ‘Kuyenda Ndi’ mean ‘walking with’. We are walking with Malawi, supporting them as they bring solutions to their difficult circumstances. We are also happy to report that there has been a welcome change in government, whose focus is to do away with past corruption and invest in the people.

Our aim is to make a difference in the lives of some homeless orphaned children and destitute widows. In fact the widows help us with the children. Our motto is to turn orphans into precious sons and daughters, educated and equipped to take their places in the society of tomorrow.

The UK team is headed by four trustees: Pastor Bob Adams (English), Bishop Gift Chaula (Malawian), Sheila Cameron (Scots), and Phil Harid (Zimbabwean).

About Us

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