Kuyenda Ndi means ‘walking with’

We are walking with the people of

Malawi and together we can turn homeless orphaned children

into empowered sons and daughters



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Let us begin by saying a big ‘thank you’ to all our KNM Family, volunteers, friends, financial partners and sponsors, who have been walking with us over the last couple of years.

Your commitment has enable us to be effective in the lives of many young people, and we truly are seeing our children becoming precious well loved sons and daughters.

The success has made us hungry to help more children and we hope to develop the work, but the nature of what we do is changing as the children grow old.

We need others to join us, both in the UK and Malawi. Planning is becoming so important as our children grow and we are looking at how best to equip them when their secondary schooling is over. What facilities do we need? What type of staffing do we need? What funding is required for their further education? And so on.

We also have to address the issue of future-proofing the work, so it will continue if anything unfortunate happens to our management team, the mothers or teachers.

But to start the process let me share a little of our thinking.

An organisation is made up of a team of people, each different, each with strengths. They work together because they have the same vision, the same passion.

Money is important, but money without people achieves little.

Our faithfully partners who donate a little every month allows the work to continue. And it happens day after day, month after month. And it has to. The children take time to grow.

The converse is true. People without money can achieve little.

Workers and funding have to grow in sync with each other, hence the importance of planning and scheduling.

We have a farm which meets some of our food requirements. The farm also provides employment for the men and women of the local village. But the villagers are now wanting us to educate their children along with our children. We are pleased to do this, but we have to expand our operation.

Our own children are growing fast and soon will need support for their tertiary education or apprenticeships.

We can offer a holiday with a difference, maybe a 3 or 4 week break for retired people who can help is so many ways, and in doing so, pass on their skills to some of the children or helpers, whom we would pair with our holidaying visitors.

Alongside the farm we have land to build an education facility with accommodation. We need help with the planning and phasing of this endeavour.

for our KNM Family, Friends & Partners