Kuyenda Ndi means ‘walking with’

We are walking with the people of

Malawi and together we can turn homeless orphaned children

into empowered sons and daughters



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The Farm

We have been fortunate to acquire a farm. Last year it allowed us to supply sacks of maize to those people whose homes and lands were destroyed by the floods in the South of Malawi. So far this year we have been blessed with 3 harvests of maize, pumpkns, beans, ground nuts and other vegetables.

The Farm also provides local employment and its produce has helped feed many poor people. Our plan is to incorporate the Farm into a faculty in our ‘University’ which will provide hands-on experience as part of a Skills Training Programme.  


Hanna Home

The Hanna family comprises 10 homeless orphaned children and 2 house mothers. Working in conjunction with the Social Welfare Dept, the children all attend local schools, are trained in domestic duties, and take part in other extra curricula activities. They are growing fast and we have been looking to the future. We are planning further accommodation more appropriate for young people as they transition into adulthood and from school to college or skills training.

Gift University & Skills Training Centre

Plans have been drafted for a Training Centre to develop people’s gifts and talents. We are aware that of many young people are making the transition from school or college into the world of work, without the skill necessary to be successful. Our aim is to address this and construct a residential facility which can provide a range of vocational training to mature students, with a strong emphasis on developing practical experience, including skills needed to run your own business. This is a long term project and we are inviting people to partner with us, to provide funding and sponsorship to shape the Malawi of tomorrow.