Kuyenda Ndi means ‘walking with’.

We are walking with the people of Malawi and together we can turn homeless orphaned children

into empowered sons and daughters

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Soche Feeding Centre

The Soche Feeding Centre started in May 2018. Some ladies from Bishop Chaula’s main church community cook every day for the street orphans and as they come to eat, the most vulnerable are identified. We work with Social Welfare who try to find places for them in centres of care.

This project is a pilot which other churches are watching and hope  to copy.

Kuyenda Ndi is helping to set things up by covering much of the setup cost, including food. Although many church members are very poor they are pleased to partner with this project and contribute food from what they grow. The leadership also grows food next to the church.


Project Hanna

Hanna Home was our first project we are ‘walking with’. A member of a local church gave this property over to be used rent free by the two mothers and the children. Over the years our donors have been able to help with extra beds and bedding, shoes, school uniforms and improvements to the house. A bottle gas cooker  in now place and is used in conjunction with the traditional more expensive charcoal ‘mbaula’. Its a blessing for preparing a quick meal and also during the rainy season as cooking is done outside.

The home is monitored by Social Welfare who have vetted us and then gave us the extra children we were hoping for.