Kuyenda Ndi means ‘walking with’.

We are walking with the people of Malawi and together we can turn homeless orphaned children

into empowered sons and daughters

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Welcome to the Kuyenda Ndi website

In Malawi we have many homeless and orphaned children. A major reason for this is the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus and lack of medication. This has left many children without parents. The extended families which would normally step in have also been decimated and not able to cope. Children now gravitate to the towns to beg or scavenge in waste bins. Some sell themselves at night for a few pence for food when the clubs close.

Each child is a gift from God. He/she is the future of Malawi. Each is a precious son or daughter. Every child longs to belong. Every child longs to be loved.

In the Chichewa language, 'Kuyenda Ndi' means walking with. We have chosen that name because many people in Malawi need encouragement to face this challenge. In the UK we walk with Malawi (Kuyenda Ndi Malawi). In Malawi we walk with the people (Kuyenda Ndi Dziko). We also have an education program (Kuyenda Ndi Maphunziro). Although Malawi’s challenge seems overwhelming, with others ‘walking with them’, Malawians can do meet it and be victorious.

Kuyenda Ndi.org operates in both the UK and Malawi. We would love to hear from anyone who feels he/she can walk with us as we support and walk with local groups, schools and churches which reach out to these children.

May God’s blessing abide on you. Bishop Gift Chaula & Pastor Bob Adams